Edenshine – a passion for good food

One of our upcomig events is ‘Welsh Supper with folk tales & singing’ – An evening of Welsh foods, local folk stories and; singing.

It’s being hosted at Edenshire by Janet, one of Taste North East Wales co-oridinators. Here she shares her passion for good food and tells us a bit more about teh special evening she has planned. Remember to book your ticket here.

28 years ago, in September 1991 we opened Edenshine with a passion for great homemade food using fresh local produce, served by friendly efficient staff in a casual and relaxed environment.  Back then we were both fresh faced, not long out of college and in our early 20’s.  Looking back much has changed in our lives – Adrian and I got married, had four amazing children who have known us do nothing else and always see the dedication we put into work and trying to get a work life balance.

Our ethos remains strong and is core to Edenshine’s success, along with the support we have from both our real family and work family. Great staff are key to everything and treating people with kindness and respect goes a long way. This can be said about our customers and staff.

When we started out, I had no idea 28 years later we’d still be here!!    In fact, it was going to be a steppingstone, a place to learn our craft and move on!! Well some learning curve it’s been, and I’m proud today to have come so far.  Relationships with customers is not something I ever thought about long term, but it’s amazing how we share people’s lives. We become part of their lives, we learn about their likes and dislikes, about their families, their children and grandchildren.  We share happy occasions and sad ones, we become more than just a place to visit and eat.  All those years ago this wasn’t even on my radar, I never anticipated how important relationships are, with of course our work family and customers.  It becomes an integral part of the business in every way. 

Adrian and I have always been hands on and somehow, I never see this changing. Finding great produce and local produce to cook with is so very important and always has been.  The easy way would be to buy in frozen foods ready, to buy in premade cakes and not worry about where the food comes from.  We’ve never done easy !! it’s all about the fresh local produce, it’s about the hand-crafted foods, the homemade. 

We belong to Clwydian Range Food and Drink group, a local group of food producers, suppliers and eateries, this makes finding our ingredients much easier and gives us peace of mind in the providence of the foods.  We trust the suppliers, it’s the relationships we build up; being able to talk to the butcher about the meat and where it came from, talking to the veg farm about what’s in season and what’s coming up or maybe being told by the milk man the cream needs to chill before it will whisk as its too fresh !!  All this matters.  It matters because it allows us to create great food, it allows us to be proud of where we are and what we serve. 

Joining in the Taste North East Wales programme this year we decided to do something close to our hearts but add a little extra. We are serving a fabulous Welsh supper, three courses with delicious flavours from around our region.  We are adding in as much local ingredients as we can from the vegetables in the soups and mains, to the lamb in the sweet lamb casserole that has some many depths of flavour, served with braised cabbage and a wedge of bread. The local trout fileted and dipped in our tasty beer batter and deep fried (now that’s one special dish) served with a honey & chilli dip and hand cut chips.   For those that don’t want meat of fish we will be serving an amazing roasted vegetable risotto with fresh locally grown vegetables.   Pudding is always a must with us and won’t disappoint, but it you fancy just a bit of cheese & biscuits or locally made chilly cow ice cream we have it all.

To add to the evening we have the fabulous Ruth Moore Williams coming to entertain you and tell folk stories and do a little singing along the way.  The whole evening promises to be a warm and friendly evening with much chatter, laughter and a whole lot of great food.  

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